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  • Didn't know where to put this........ I put it in here.

    Ok, the thing is, I have a beautiful metallic fireplace in my new room. However, the previous owners of this house decided to paint over it in white paint. What would get the paint off? Would paint stripper work, or would it damage the metal?
    Any help would be much appreciated
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    most liquid paint strippers would be fine and not harm the metal.
    The strippers should say if they will damage anything.

    um, in the second sentence I am referring to paint strippers not
    exotic dancers!!
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      And please, read all the instructions on the paint strippers........make sure you use it in a well ventilated space with no open flame. Blow out your candles!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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        and open a window too!! :D
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          Maybe that's what it was...maybe my parents used paint stripper near me without opening windows when I was younger...
          Hehe...isn't he cyowt? ---> So intent on playing...