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    At first I thought I might call this contemporary artists, but then I realised thats a way to big subject..I was thinking along the lines of Thomas Kinkaid, " the painter of light" Any body know about his paintings and about his technique for really getting his paintings to glow? Can we talk?

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    There's a Kinkaid shop on one of the malls around here. You can buy prints and things. But I'm sorry... not a big fan! I have a friend who loves him and has note cards, puzzles, etc. I think there are some books on him, too.
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      I don't know of the processes that Kinkade uses. I think that his use of the light is quite neat. Niamh is right; there are Kinkade galleries everywhere in America. Gosh, so many people like his work. My mother is such an avid fan. She has some of his paintings in her house and even Kinkade stationary!!!! My mother told me that he is a really religious man and that Christianity is a dominant theme in his works.
      Perhaps, Kinkade gets his paintings to "glow" by using the contrast of dark and light colors.