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  • Cloak making guide

    Just thought I'd post this Cloak pattern link on here. Its just a simple hooded cloak no pockets/sleaves etc. Hope you find it usuful! Happy sowing everyone!
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    Perfect timing!

    I just ordered a bunch of brown faux suede, I'm gonna use it to make a reversible cloak that is the brown fake suede on one side, and green crushed velvet on the other. I figured I could make a cloak without a pattern, but the hood was giving me some trouble. Thanks for posting this!


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      REALLY EASY Cloak Pattern

      I made a cloak last year for my costume. My friends and I went Harry Potter.

      What I did was I bought 2.5m of Valeur (sp). Folded it in half lengthwise, sewed the top edge on the wrong side. Then I folded about an inch section and stitched it so it made a guide for the cord. Then I bought some of that cord that has black and gold in it and threaded it through. I hemmed it also, but it's basically a good pattern for someone that can only sew in a straight line (like me :D)

      If you're confused at all about this, pm me and I'll give send a picture.

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        Ooh. Thanks for the link! It is perfect timing, with Hallowe'en coming up!
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