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    With the tiny ones you can attatch pins to them or magnets as well. They are truely adorable.
    Yes people are talking about you behind your back. That is where all the laughter is coming from.
    Dear Lord, I pray for:
    Wisdom, To understand a man Love, To forgive him and Patience, For his moods Because, Lord, if I pray for Strength
    I'll just beat him to death. Amen!

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      Actually I find if you pack them really well with cotton they hold up pretty well. When we moved, we packed three of them in a small box with about 200 cotton balls and they survived the bumping they were subjected to on the drive.

      If it was just a drive i am sure they would survive
      unfortunately i know how rough the US and Australian postal services are - have had them snap a CD (it was in a case) that i was sending to a sister in law in USA


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        those little guys are so cute.. hmm. makes me feel bad about my clay works... lol then again my boy friends clay works make me feel bad.. he had a dragon teapot he made.. really works too

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        My tongue breaks.
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        And grow pale for I am dying of such love
        Or so it seems to me.”

        Richard Harris

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        "Yuppies Are From The 80's."
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