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Best way to clean a glass jar?

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  • Best way to clean a glass jar?

    Hey all~

    Does anyone know a good way to thoroughly clean a glass jar?
    The two I would like to use previously contained bubble bath, and despite my best efforts they still reek of the stuff.
    I'd like to make them safe enough to drink from.

    Thank you in advance for your time and ideas.
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    Lots of hot water and a good scrubby.
    It's probably from a fragrance oil used in the bubble bath.


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      hot water is actually what i have been using that hasn't been so effective, haha. I've only tried soaking tho-- i suppose its time to give it a good scrub.
      Thanks for the idea, i'll def be trying it.
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        I would try baking soda. Baking soda neutralizes odors and is good at getting any oily residue off.

        If they still stink, try filling them with a cup each of vinegar and top off with water. Let sit overnight and rinse well.
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          baking soda

          leave to stand few hours with some water and baking soda if still smelly repeat baking soda treatment perhaps also boiling the jar if glass can stand it


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            Do the baking soda thing, and then stuff them full of newspaper and put the lids on...newspaper is good for absorbing odours. Just make sure they're dry first, or you'll have newspaper cemented into the jar.
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