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  • Egyptian piece

    I have to make an Egyptian ceramics piece.......I cannot think of any designs. Any suggestions? Btw, the piece is suppose to be based on ancient Egypt.

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    how advanced are you?

    you could make a water jug... or a statue of an egyptian cat...
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      I dont know how advanced I am....I'm in the advanced class...I've made a pot for it, I am just having some trouble w/designs to put on it to make it look egyptian like.


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        Go to your library and take a look at the books on ancient Egypt. There will most likely be a lot of pictures of the wall paintings. I seem to remember quite a few paintings of water bearers, where they have giant jars of water on their shoulders. You can always do some designs that reflect the wall paintings they have found in the pyramids. Those books have a huge wealth of imagery that you can pull ideas from.

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          Look for hieroglyphs - symbols used for writing in Kemet. They are usually not hard to draw because they were used for writing and thus drawn often.