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How to make a Grimoire/BOS.

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  • How to make a Grimoire/BOS.

    I posted a topic yesterday about my grimoire/BOS which I made, and I said I would take pictures of making another, smaller one today. And write up a little tutorial. So here we go!

    What you will need:
    • Paper. Any type at all. I used plain printer paper for both my books.
    • Cardboard. You could use cardboard boxes, the back of cereal boxes or sketchbooks etc.
    • Scissors.
    • Strong glue or super glue. The glue I used was designed for using on paper, fabric and wood.
    • Fabric.
    • Ribbon/s. (optional, I just used some left over fabric as a book mark)
    • Thick string or wool.
    • Sewing needle.
    • Hole puncher.

    How to:

    I posted some pictures below of each step to make it easier, it's doesn't seem like it would be easy but it really is!
    • First you need to hole punch all your pages - 8 times for A4 paper, and 4 or 6 times for A5 paper. I used plain printer paper for both my books. You can have as many pages as you like, keeping in mind that if you wanted anything between 500 and 1000 pages you will need a stronger cardboard so that it is secure.
    • Next thread your needle with your string or wool, and start sewing the whole block of paper together. Once done you should have two long pieces coming up the same direction. Make you sure you pull the string or wool so that it is REALLY tight. You want it to look like a book. If you don't pull the string tight enough you will be able to see the string in between the pages.
    • Tie the two pieces of string together.
    • Next get your cardboard, you should have three seperate pieces, I prefer to keep it a little bigger than the paper as to protect the pages. The spine should be the exact thickness of your paper.
    • Then get your chosen fabric and glue the backs of your cardboard, using a thin layer of glue all over. Place the cardboard pieces onto the back of the fabric, side by side.
    • Then cut round, leaving about an inch or two to fold over the inside of your cardboard.
    • At this point you can then add a ribbon or piece of fabric as a book mark. Glue it on the inside of the spine.
    • Once it has dried, you can then add a large amount of glue to the spine to stick your pages to. Hold the pages there for a while and keep pressing it into the glue to make sure it sticks.
    • You can then add plain/coloured/decorative paper to the insides to hide the string and make it look neater. This also helps it all stick together. Make sure to put the glue over the strings and on the first page about an inch in and press your paper onto it.
    • Depending on your glue, it should be dried within an hour.
    • And your done.

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    Very nice! Thank you!

    I am attempting this now and if it turns out good my daughter said she wants one. I have all the paper together but have to get the other materials this weekend.

    I was only able to punch three holes in mine cause of the type of hole puncher I have, but I tied it really tight, lol. I think it should hold up nice after I get it glued!

    Im wondering if it would do ok if I covered both end pieces in fabric? Then just the outside of the spine? Fabric glue might hold it ok?

    Thanks again :D


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      Wonderful! Thank you so much!
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        No pictures came up
        why do you whole punch the paper?
        And when you say you sew the paper together do you mean the edge of the paper?
        Like do you stack it all together sew one side all the way up then flip it over to the other side and do it again?
        The tutorial I watched for making a journal just used glue, they just glued all the pieces together, I was hoping craft glue would work but doing it this way instead of sewing it, well idk if it will last as long.