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  • film stuent looking for help

    Hi, greetings to all from England. I just wondered if any of you can help me.... its a bit of an odd request but i i am making a historical drama and while its not a pagan film as such (its a period thriller) the theme of it - destiny, the meeting of cultures - makes me think some pagan chants as the soundtrack would be magnificent.. I have listened to a lot of music and chants and drumming on the Net and its only convinced me that pagan chants are the right way to go. Well its my graduation film from for my degree, and its all being done on a shoestring so i cant pay, but the film is going to festivals and has a cinema showing lined up in Plymouth (uk) so you will be fully credited, and get a VHS copy.. I have too much of a posh English accent to do the chants myself, so is there anyone out there who could work with me on doing the soundtrack? If youre out there, please email me
    (Laura) on [email protected]

    Blessed be