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  • Opening up a metaphysical shop

    Hi everyone...I'm not sure where to post this so feel free to move it to wherever it belongs.

    Anyways, In a few years I hope to open up my own metaphysical shop where I live...there's none within a 30 mile radius of me so I figured there must be people like me that need what I need (i.e. herbs, oils, gemstones, tools)

    Do you own a metaphysical/pagan/wiccan/etc. shop or know someone who does? Any advice?

    And for those of you who don't own one.....if you did, what would you want to sell? If one opened up around your area what would you expect as far as merchandise?

    I'm just curious.....the market is saturated on the web but in real life I gotta take a road trip just to find some oil and gemstones.....

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    If I could open a metaphysical shop....

    I would probably sell the usual (gemstones, herbs, oils), but also handmade things (wands, jewelry, BOS pages, art), things like that can really put a shop on the map.

    Of course I would also sell ritual items, because they are hard to find, especially the good ones. But I would wait to sell those because of the cost, you need to be known first.

    Lastly, I would not only sell items, but classes. Because most shops can sell the merchandise assuming the customer knows what to do with it, but most of us don't, we just think we do. So open a few classes for the more complicated stuff, or just give advice, which again can really put your shop on the map.

    Hope that helps! :toofless:


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      I'd want to see oils, crystals and stones, jewelry, candles, incense.
      Books just the basics, you can always special order once you get a feel for your clientèle.
      Statues and Sculptures, dragons, fae, angels the like... attracts 'non pagans' to the shop for gifts.
      Art, prints, postcards...

      That sort of thing.
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        The shops around here have little concerts (like the Tibetan Crystal Bowls), various people who do different types of divination on different days, guest lectures, meditation groups, clothes, Buddhist and Hindu books and ornaments, and greeting cards. That way they can appeal to a wider customer base.

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          Originally posted by herbal_legends View Post

          And for those of you who don't own one.....if you did, what would you want to sell? If one opened up around your area what would you expect as far as merchandise?
          I would include:
          • Books on healthful martial arts like Yoga and Tai Chi.
          • Scholarly secondary source books, like Burkert's Greek Religion.
          • Antiquated books like Homer's Illiad and Odessey, Aristotles's The Nicomachean Ethics, Thucydides, Herodotus, The Trial and Death of Socrates, Plato's Republic, Ovid, Hesiod, the Aeneid, Tacitus, the Homeric Hymns (translated by Evelyn-White) all in good translations (Penguin publishes good translations for example).
          • Mirrors, flutes, flags, crystals, and books on Feng Shui for how to apply them to work and living spaces.
          • Books on how to clear clutter (this is related to Feng Shui).
          • A variety of candles from chime candles (or "spell candles) to long-lasting 24 hour burning candles, and candle lamps.
          • A variety of essential oils and base oils (like almond oil) and supplies for mixing (small funnels, glass jars, labeling supplies).
          • Herbs (you might want to limit yourself to non-toxic herbs for liability reasons), mortars and pestles, jars, scales, and small spoons.
          • Ceremonial garments: dresses, loose-fitting shirts and pants, shawls, togas and chitons (Greek robes), etc.
          • Pillows for meditation, altar cloths, indian saris, parabolic mirrors, caldrons and braziers (these are like wide and shallow metal bowls, preferably on a tripod).
          • Statues of various gods from east to west and paintings/images of various sizes (post card, portrait, landscape).
          • Works of fiction that touch on these subjects, like the Mysts of Avalon and Percy Jackson.

          One thing to keep in mind is that you can use your store as a community center for real-life meetings, whereas online shops can't. You can hold book discussion events in a cleared space, as well as ceremonies, a bulletin board for folks to leave their cards on, and have a newsletter/local paper to circulate. I've also seen a successful shop that had a tea room on one level which invited folks from outside the new age community to come. Sometimes musicians played there in the evening.
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            Thanks everyone. This is awesome information, I'm keeping it in my notes
            I do especially like the idea of having space available for others to use.


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              If you've got a good network of like-minded people in the area, definitely try to get local-made things like wands, jewelry, candles, etc. It's that kind of thing that would really set a place apart for me. Having basic wholesale from metaphysical suppliers can get boring, I think... and those are the shops that tend to come and go without much of a following.

              My favorite aspects of shops I've known... handmade runes from our state stone, a good selection of all sorts of dried herbs (some local/organic, when possible) as well as sea salts, god/goddess statuary, gemstones, books, and various sorts of cauldrons.


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                The one thing I haven't seen anyone suggest that I find an absolute must is clothing! One of my favorite skirts came from a pagan shop. Whenever I wear it out people always want to know where I got it. If I had a pagan shop nearby I would hope it carried pretty things like that, and shawls, cloaks, robes, and even hats.
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                  I really like the homemade things (Wands, BOS, etc)... I can order a book or factory made candles & oils online... but something handmade and original is something I'm willing to travel to shop for...


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                    It has been my dream for a long time to open a shop like this, although I know that right now I live in an area where it would go under before I could even properly be open!

                    Things that I would probably like to sell include:
                    • Tarot and oracle decks
                    • Crystals
                    • Fossils
                    • Handmade candles and salves etc.
                    • Handmade ritual tools
                    • Handmade clothing
                    • Artwork
                    • Herbs
                    • Natural craft materials
                    • Books
                    • Plants

                    ...I know, not all of those really fit with a metaphysical shop. Could I call it my "shop of everything"??
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