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    So my daughter got two little pet rats for her birthday and I wanted her to have a sling to carry them in. I googled them and found some for $20 which I felt was way to much. So I made one of my own. The first picture was my inspiration. I liked the draw string top and all the room for the critters. The second picture is of my daughter with the sling and rat and the third is just the rat in the sling.

    My problems are 1) I didnt make the pouch big enough but made the strap slightly to big, both I can easily adjust. 2) the draw string concept was done with yarn while Im assuming in the picture they used elastic or that stretchy black cording that goes on hoods?

    So im wondering if anyone has any suggestions on how to improve what I made and help me turn it into what I want. I have no idea how to sew elastic and like the idea of being able to adjust the straps. My goal is to keep this cheap and easy....if its not lol I will buy it online.

    Another issue i realised is I sewed the straps on the inside and it is attempting to flip it inside out. Maybe because there isnt enough puch to way down the straps and keep them from pulling up?
    Thank you so much in advance!

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    I dont know why the inspiration picture didnt show up last time. If it doesnt this time here is the link.
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