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helpful hints to making homemade yeast bread.

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  • helpful hints to making homemade yeast bread.

    Merry Meets,

    If one one could please give me a good recipe for making and baking a good bread. I would greatly appreciate it. Blessed BE.

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    My mate makes all different kinds of breads by hand, no machine thing.
    He doesn't have recipes because he is one of those people that just wings it and can tell my how it looks and smells and feels, if its good and balanced the way he wants it.

    What I can tell you is what he swears by for good bread of any kind...he makes all different kinds.

    Your flour is the heart of it all. He only uses organic. Flour comes is in many types of grains. He mixes gain flours and such to make all different breads.
    The most important thing is to never use all purpose flour. It not only has no nutrition it also is bad for you. Junk.
    Get good quality whole flour, preferably not bleached. Another bad thing done to good food.

    The yeast.. the best quality yeast you can by. Cheap yeast often doesn't rise well and can even give your bread and off taste.

    All your ingredients will help give you the best or mediocre bread. Get the best you can for all your ingredients.

    We go all organic with everything and any bread my mate makes is fabulous!

    You dont say what kind of bread your interested in. There are millions of different breads.

    Google can help if you use it to get some ideas.