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  • Creating a BoS

    I have seen some amazingly beautiful notebooks/journals/BoS. But note that are exactly what I have in mind (that doesn't cost more then I could ever dream of spending lol)

    So I was thinking of creating one myself. I am very creative but sooo not crafty. So my issue is how to do it? lol

    I was thinking of buying a plain 3 ring binder and sewing some nice fabric over it to completely cover the outside. I am not great at sewing though. Would any type of glue work?

    What if I also printed out a beautiful image and glued that onto the fabric cover then covered the edges of the pic with a fabric border.

    Is there glue that would work for that?

    Any tips or advice?
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    I bought a binder for BOS use (purple, of course) and bought a pentagram sticker for the front...about 3" square, clear sticker with black pentagram (a fancy loopy one). You can find all sorts of different stickers on eBay that might suit.

    Cloth would be okay if you don't want any obvious symbolism (or you could sew on pagan-themed patches before attaching the cloth cover...patches are also easy to find online).

    I don't know how durable it would be over the long run, though. Wal-Mart (and Hobby Lobby, and probably other stores like Michael's) carries a craft glue (don't recall the exact name) in a brown plastic squeeze bottle with a narrow tip. It's thicker/stickier than your basic Elmer's and probably would do the job.

    I just ordered two different blank journals for BOS use
    (I bought both because I couldn't choose just one. One is the Lo Scarabeo bound journal with "wood" printed cover and pentacle; the other is the Nemesis Now black cat w/pentacle, resin-covered spiral), but haven't decided how to start them off.....any suggestions?


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      I picked up a nice Post-bound scrapbook in a 12x12 size and trimmed it to 12x9-ish to fit (but be just a bit larger than) regular paper. They also do sell regular paper sized binders.

      Then I use a combination of regular printer paper and cardstock to fill it in. With a post-binder I can move pages around without it looking cheesey like a binder. The binders accept glue, stickers and cloth really well. Even slip-covers.

      Eventually I'll be making my own covers for my post-bound book out of nice leather and bookboard, probably resembling the book from "Hocus Pocus" because, darn it... that's the Archetypal "Spellbook" for me.


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        I actually have an idea to make a BoS. I have some left over aluminum plate and some vellum. I can drill some holes in the plate, punch holes in the vellum, and put steel rings through the holes. I will either engrave the plate, polish it, or decorate with paints. The hardest part is shearing off the plate because not everyone is equipped to cut quarter inch aluminum plate. Everything else is a cakewalk.
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          I've always used blank notebooks but I'm never happy with them because I can't change things around or pull out a page if I make a mistake and I'm always very aware that they're part of a brand name. And ring binders always look so school-ish to me.

          But I recently had the idea to make a front and back cover (out of hardened fabric or maybe wood or leather) and punch holes in them and the paper, then bind by slipping a leather cord through the holes; that way it's homemade, hopefully will look good, and I'd be able to take out the cord to rearrange or take out pages.

          I need to experiment a little and I think it'll be quite delicate, but I think I'll prefer it to a shop-bought book.

          For you though, I'd suggest finding some cheap fabric glue and having a bit of an experiment yourself to see how durable it is. I've used fabric glue before to glue fabric together and it usually holds - but I've never used it to glue fabric to plastic or anything like that. Perhaps you could use staples, and then glue a sheet of paper or something inside the folder sleeve to cover up the staples?


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            Hot glue would work, as it binds well with both fabric and plastic. If you want, add a bit of stuffing in the front, to give it some body (you can iron on images, add pins, etc). You can see some ideas Here, or Here. Craftster has many many ideas and many pagan members to get ideas from


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              Modge Podge + paintbrush = is my sticky crafty best friend. You can even get it with a Matte or Gloss finish. You can use it to 'glue' things on the front of the binder (for fabric, test it out on something else before you glue it to the actual binder, so you can figure out how to keep the fabric *flat* and nice.) You could also make a collage with it, using the Modge Podge as a glue and as an outer coat. There are also other acrylic/whatever-based 'outer coatings' to make the project mooore secure, or shinny, or whatever. You can acomplish a variety of styles. Sometime, when it is not before sunrise and roadtrip, I will find linkies for you.


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                About 8 years ago, I covered a 3 ring binder in material... using superglue I believe... it's held up well.

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                  I second the Mod Podge vote. You can glue fabric to plastic, paper to fabric, and brush a topcoat to seal it. Awesome stuff, that.


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                    There's a lovely tutorial a member made and posted here a few months back. it's really simple to follow.

           (the tutorial)

           (pics of the one she made.)

                    hope that helps,
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                      my avatar is a BoS image I found online. I plan to make one like it by purchasing a large 3 ring binder, then removing the clipping mechanism from the covers. I'll measure and cut out pieces of wood, sand them to a near glassy smooth finish, then lay them out like the binder, attach the clippers, put hinges on the binding to attach the front and back and decorate
                      I just need to take the time to get a sheet of wood that will look nice.