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"A prayer with every stitch"

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  • "A prayer with every stitch"

    I'm getting ready to do a reeeeally long cross stitch pattern to hang behind my altar (<a href="">this one</a>) and as I was winding bobbins *shudder* I remember something an old nun told me.

    I used to work in a house with catholic nuns and used to cross stitch as I was a greeter. She came over to me and said I should be sure to "put a prayer in with every stitch."

    So, for those of us working on huge projects (projects that make hundreds/thousands of hours and years to complete), do you do such a thing? "Put a prayer in with every stitch", I mean, and how do you keep it up on the long haul? Something like this will never get done if I only work on it while I'm in a nice spiritual mood, ya know what I mean?


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    Wow. I've never done anything that big. But for longer projects (I'm a crocheter), I do find it helpful to set an intent for the project before I start. For instance, for the baby cocoon I'm making now, my intent is to instill the wonder of life into the baby it's for. It does help keep my mind and fingers focused and makes the process as important as the finished project. I don't say the intent with every stitch, but I say it before I sit down to start hooking for a while, which puts me in the right frame of mind, and every few rows I'll feel moved to really focus on the intent for a while. It helps me keep my interest in even the big projects, when my enthusiasm starts to wane.
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      I do something similar to Windsmith. I have an intention for each project that I do, and try only to work on them when I can find the calmness, joy, healing energy, whatever that I want incorporated in the item.

      I would interpret the nun's statement as a reminder to be mindful ... honor what you are doing, pay attention to it. Every act is (or can be) regarded as an act of fiath (regardless of pantheon).

      Use the project as a way of attaining a "nice spiritual mood," rather than feeling you need to be in one already to start.

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