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signet crafting?

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  • signet crafting?

    i went to a store to have a ring custom made
    the guy told me that if he made it he would charge me 1000 pounds
    plus he couldnt just make one 1 he'd have to make 100 of them or it would be a waste of resources for their machinery
    and i told him the point of a custom made ring is to be one of a kind

    and so now im stuck looking for a ring crafter that isnt a big company such thieves lol

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    Why not look online like at Etsy for someone who makes custom PMC (Precious Metal Clay) rings and could do it for you? There are also some excellent artists here that could as well that I'm sure would be happy to assist.


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      depends if their in my price range lol


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        do you have web address for them?


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          If your any good with mold making, PMC and a kiln you could do it yourself as well. I'm sure you'll find a good deal

 in the search bar type custom PMC rings and just start emailing the sellers (who's syles you like) about what your looking for
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            yes i no i could do it myself but my artistic side is more along the lines of music technology and poetry and writing novals not making things with my hands im rather clumsy and thanks