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  • Using artificial flowers?

    I was just wondering if anyone here uses artificial flowers for anything. Seems like they should be good for something! Thanks.

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    I use them for seasonal decorations. It is not really practical to constantly be foraging for fresh flowers during the Spring tide of the year, so I buy artificial garlands and such to use instead. Other than that, I don't really use them. I strongly prefer to work with native plants in general, so anything that I don't expect to be a non-permanent decoration pretty much requires me to forage. Nobody makes artificial flowers of native plants. Well, they do exist, but you will not find them in stores. I have seen very nice reproductions of native plants at botanical centers and museums, but that's about it.
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      If you work with an altar, do you use them to decorate it?


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        I have used fake flowers to decorate my altar; in the dead of Winter it can be difficult to forage for and very expensive to buy fresh flowers so I'll usually buy some and use the fake ones as filler. I do use fake garlands and flowers for my mantel over the fireplace for Yule - by then the fireplace is in use and the real flowers are dead in a day from the heat so the fake garlands and berries are a fine substitute. I do always have to have some real stuff so I buy real mistletoe and my friend has a holly bush in her yard so I go over to clip fresh every year and use that to decorate other parts of the house.
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          Absolutely! Fresh flowers are insanely expensive and I live in a California suburb with no neighbors who grow flowering anything. I either create new arrangements for the season or holy day circle, or recycle an old one. Some deities are associated with certain flowers which is always a good choice. Craft stores sell floral picks with flowers and other items like little snowflakes or a bee. I've actually bought three arrangements on Etsy from a designer who used a teacup as a vase -- for limited altar space, this is a great way to go.

          I have no doubt that purists and stout nature-based pagan shudder at the thought of silk plants and flowers. I get around that by always have fresh, homemade food and drink on my circle altar -- preferably something aromatic. Personally, I would rather have the smell of fresh, out of the oven cookies then incense.

          Also, both store-bought and neighborhood gathered flowers are often sprayed with pesticides and fertilizers. If you grow your own or have places to wild harvest, I'm sure you're fine. Organic purchased flowers here in Nothern California are stupidly expensive.
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