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My husband is makign me an altar table!

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  • My husband is makign me an altar table!

    So my hubby is making me an altar table at the wood hobby shop on base, and I am so excited! I need to draw up some basic plans for him to go by, but I don't really know where to start! I mean, the idea is that he makes me the table, and then I get to paint it, or carve it however I want. I just told him short and wide. I told him no more than a foot tall, and about two to two and a half feet wide. Anyone else have a suggestion? I am so excited that we each get to make this together, it will be such a great vibe!

    Will post pictures when it's done!
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    Might I suggest building shelves / rungs / or a drawer? This way you'll have a little storage space to keep artifacts not in season / not in use / what-have-you.

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      make sure when you paint it you use flame retardant paint. Your candles are most likly going to be left on your altar.


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        Has he finished it yet? Pictures? :D
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