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Do you have a mini altar? A portable altar?

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  • Do you have a mini altar? A portable altar?

    I know for me it is important to be able to have an altar when I go on vacation or am away on business and especially now that I live with my parents in-law, having a regular altar is impossible so I created a mini altar that I can use when I can steal away some "me" time in a house full of people.

    Share your mini altar kits. What you include and how you made any of the items in it.


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    For the most part my mini-altar is outside. But when I used to have to keep a small altar that could be packed away (read hidden) it was a small vial of sea salt, a small vial I'd put water in, and a few sticks of incense wrapped up in a cloth.


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      Funny enough, I stopped using an altar about two years ago ... I just don't feel the need for it anymore I feel more spiritually connected with myself and the act of performing rituals stopped being important. Now I can gain the same satisfaction with a breeze across my cheek and a thanks to the Gods for a beautiful sunny day


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        My altar is in my brain. So, yah, it's small...but it works.



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          I absolutely do.
          I have a shrine in my kitchen, and when I go away, there's a little hinged box that comes with me.

          at Lushfest
          which was it's first trip out

          and on a recent business trip (where my little shrine was competing for space with my absolute DARLING favourite colleague had all his make up. oh I love him, he's like a sort of gay son or younger brother to me. he's adorable.
          but anyway, the shrine

          it all folds away into the box, and then I wrap the box in the cloth. all in all it takes up less room than my toiletries, and takes a selection of things from my shrine comfortably away with me. complete with battery powered tealights that are suitable for hotel rooms and tents alike.


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            @mol you made my day.


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              I will have to take pictures, but mine is one of those roll up toiletry kits. I can fit everything in it then roll it up and it fits in my carry on.
              Khara's Chaos


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                Interesting concept


                that sounds like a great way to be organized. Take a picture if you do not mind sharing


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                  I finally got the pictures taken of my mini altar.

                  The only thing I made was the staff. I used a golf tee, Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_3254.JPG
Views:	1
Size:	1,004.6 KB
ID:	6167469wrapped it in twine with glue and then glued an amber marble to the top. Other than that I collected or was gifted the items that are in it.
                  Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_3253.JPG
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                    Altar items
                    Broom – To clear my space of negativity
                    Eye – To see what cannot be seen
                    Fairy Door – to enter different realms
                    Bell – To Purify or call the Fae
                    Sun – To remind me of the warmth of nature
                    Dagger – To cut away negativity or cut a door so I may enterand exit scared space
                    Glass vial – To either collect something or use as a chalice
                    Staff – I use this as a symbol of a wand or to direct energysomewhere
                    Tree of life charm –Connection to my root and Earth
                    Sand Dollar glass bead – Water
                    Match – Fire
                    Blue skull - Ancestors
                    Key – This is a symbol of the pathwork I am doing now
                    Butterfly – Air

                    What I have addedsince this picture:
                    One gold and silver birthday sized candle to represent the God and the Goddess
                    Cone incense plus a little square to rest it on

                    This is what is in mine. What is in yours??


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                      I know, old thread. But it is a good one. I have one of those zipper pencil pouches with very small altar items inside for traveling or outdoor pagan adventures.
                      - Battery operated tea light that flickers
                      - Mini Mister filled with blessed lunar or rainwater
                      - Tiny Ziploc with an aromatic herb or flower such as lavender or cloves
                      - A crystal or other grounding stone (about the size of a quarter)
                      - Coaster sized doily for an altar cloth
                      - Keychain style prayer beads to represent the four quarters
                      - Something to represent that holy day or season such as a little fake holly leaf or metal charm
                      - Tiny crystal or tiny Ziploc of bird seed to leave as an offering

                      Actually, you don't need anything but imagination to form magical intent, but I am often stressed when I travel so it's nice to have token items. I'm fine using a finger or pencil for a wand, but you might want to consecrate a sturdy stick or dowel to add.
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