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    Do you make your own ritual tools or garb? These might include wands, ceramic or Femo cups and bowls, candles or holders, athame, book of shadows, robes, or anything else particular to your path or tradition. There is something to doing it yourself -- an investment, a personal attachment. If you have pictures, please share with us. My camera's broken . If you have a story or questions, please post.
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    I know people make a lot of their own. Prices have gotten stupid. Simple wooden wand for $300+. Wool cloak for $700+. A ritual tool is NOT better if you bought it..

    I buy fabric in patterns to match the season and for certain ritual work for my altar. But I've also gone to thrift stores and found great scarves. This is so simple and so effective.

    Once I was doing some magic work and needed a black toad image. Back then the internet was no help for pictures. So I went to the craft store and picked up some black Femo clay and red rhinestones for eyes. Super basic sculpting, a trip to the oven, and he sat on my altar as an anchor for my casting. Years later I hold him in my hands sometimes when I am praying or meditating. Because I made him he is naturally in tune with me and a natural focus.

    Share with us. No matter how simple or grand.
    The surest sign that intelligent life exists elsewhere in the universe is that it has never tried to contact us.
    --Bill Watterson


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      I do like to make my own ritual items as it infuses them with my specific energy and purpose. I buy things as well though, particularly incense blends which I am absolutely no good at making. However, I am reluctant to purchase ,larger more important items. I would never buy a wand for example as I feel this is WAAAAY to integral and personal to my working to allow someone else to create for me. I think the more work you can put into your ritual items, the more of you and your intention is wrapped up in them. The same goes for herbs etc... It's great if you can grow or collect your own because you know the exact circumstances of their harvest and planting if you grew them yourself. My favorite tool is my stang which I made from a main branch of corkscrew willow that fell during an ice storm. I sanded and worked the wood until it is as smooth and shiny as a river rock.

      That being said, I understand not everyone has the space to grow their own herbs (I definitely don't right now sadly) or the skill to make their own tools. I would love to learn metal work and blacksmithing, but right now I don't know anything about it and can't possibly make a boline even though I would like a handmade one. So, if I found the right one at a fair or in a shop, I would pay well for it.

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        Thanks for posting, Libris! Blades are a very difficult one, especially if it needs to be really sharp. I'm perfectly happy with my letter opener. I had actually bought a knife at a Ren. Faire which was handmade with a good edge (not great) but I was so afraid to use it. I'm a real klutz. Slicing myself open was not a celebratory activity. I wanted to make a sheath, but totally by chance I was in a stationary store and picked up my metal letter opener -- right there I knew this was what I needed. Symbolically cutting something works for me. If it's plant matter I go with cleansed scissors or yard clippers.

        I do know that some go for stone blades whether quartz or some other. The qualities of the stone would influence the focus the blade provides. Personally, I'm sure this would offend a lot of people, but I see not problem with air dry clay. The right herbs, essential oils, and even tiny crystals, would help the metal shift toward a functional ritual tool.

        Getting off of edged weapons, or weapon like, I've been in rituals where a feather and even a eucalyptus leaf was used. Not everyone feels implied harm is appropriate for ritual activity. Outside of our kitchen knives most of us do not interact with live blades on a daily basis.

        There is no right or wrong here, but this is a DIY thread. Some of want or need to find other ways to create and personalize our ritual tools.

        At one point I had a very small 6x10" shelf altar. I needed a offering bowl or dish and could not find anything that was small enough to stay on the shelf. I found the right shade of purple Femo and made my own. It held fluids as well as dry offerings after I sealed it. Today there are plenty of choices but I agree with Libris, making my own means that the energy and purpose is more tightly focused. When I leave an offering in a handmade dish it is almost as if I continue to hold it even after I've walked away.
        The surest sign that intelligent life exists elsewhere in the universe is that it has never tried to contact us.
        --Bill Watterson


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          A few years ago I found a large stick, perfect to become a staff/walking stick, and started sanding it down to make a gift for someone. However, that person disappeared from my life before I was finished and with that and winter coming, I put it aside and never finished it. I'd like to work on it again, along with some of the other pieces I have, and experiment. I also would like to make myself a Cerberus out of clay or something. I'm hoping that in the new house I have some space to set up (even on a "as use" basis) the sewing machine and start learning that. I'd like to make at least one altar cloth. I have plans to make some prayer beads.

          Time and space is all I need, lol, and those are the hardest things to get.
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