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    This is so cool !! If you could do something about the humidtity there we could be neighbors!! Then the guys would have double trouble huh!!

    Ceramics are so much fun!! After we get moved I gotta find me a shop to buy things at!!
    In life you are faced with many lessons to learn. PLEASE someone tell me why they are all difficult.

    The mind is a scarey place, Here are a few thoughts from mine!!!

    Native Woman

    I really liked this statement found it on my quest to get intouch with mIf you take the Christian Bible and put it out in the wind and rain, soon the paper on which the words are printed will disintigrate and the words will be gone. Our bible is the wind. - Statement by an anonymous native american


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      I'm just going to have to give up sleep many cool things are happening here. I think this will be a great forum!
      Think for yourself and let others enjoy the privilege to do so also. - Voltaire


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        making stuff? really? *much clapping and jumping up and down* yippeeyippeeyippeewhoo-hooyay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! now if only i could get my hands on the stuff to do them with...
        ~May your life and heart be filled with all manners of love and kindness.


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          There are lots of things to do with stuff around the house!
          Yes people are talking about you behind your back. That is where all the laughter is coming from.
          Dear Lord, I pray for:
          Wisdom, To understand a man Love, To forgive him and Patience, For his moods Because, Lord, if I pray for Strength
          I'll just beat him to death. Amen!

          Help support my girl scout

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          My second favorite place on the net is neopets if you want to check it out here is a link


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            Excellent idea!!
            just a little white duck
            swimmin in the water.......
            just a little white duck
            doing what she oughtta.......