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remember the oil waves that we had growing up???

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  • remember the oil waves that we had growing up???

    You can color the alcohol or the oil with food coloring if you shake gently these can entertain for hours. Babyfood jars are great for these glue the lids on with small kids.

    To demonstrate all the various bubbles (antibubbles, bubbles, globules, antibubbles inside bubbles, anti-foams, etc.) make yourself an oil/alcohol bottle. Clean out a small jar and fill it half with salad oil, then fill the rest with rubbing alcohol. Try to fill it perfectly, right up to the top, so no air is trapped. Screw on the cap, then slosh it gently to create waves, or a bit harder to create all sorts of bubbles-within- bubbles. (Don't shake it hard, or it will take hours for the misty mixture to settle out.)
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    You can also try using water & oil. The food colouring will colour the water. I have one sitting on my desk at work that my son made me...they're really cool!
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