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    I didn't really care for that book much. I like DM, but that book was lacking. There's ONE other Crafts Craft Book, but we need MORE MORE MORE! :D
    ~ Mairwen


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      Pagan crafts book forthcoming!

      As it happens, my new Pagan craft book will be out in October from Citadel press, available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Borders, yadda yadda....

      Thanks to WillowRaven for telling me about this forum!
      Willow Polson


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        Welcome to Mystic Wicks we are happy to have you join our family. Welcome home. Have some refreshments and have some fun while learning.
        Yes people are talking about you behind your back. That is where all the laughter is coming from.
        Dear Lord, I pray for:
        Wisdom, To understand a man Love, To forgive him and Patience, For his moods Because, Lord, if I pray for Strength
        I'll just beat him to death. Amen!

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