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I would like ot make an altar cloth and a taro bag and I need some help.

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  • I would like ot make an altar cloth and a taro bag and I need some help.

    Ok, I have to admit, I cannot sew a button, for real This is a big undertaking for me, and I'm hoping that they will at least resemble what I am trying to do. Do you know what size fabric I will need to do both and if you have simple intructions, I'll be forever in your debt, or I could kiss the ground you walk on~ your choice :D


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    You can make a nice altar cloth out of a yard of fabric ~ a yard on all four sides (a square). Pick out a fabric you like and make sure the width is 36" and ask for a yard to be cut from the bolt. Then you can simply whipstitch the hem down. Or ~ in lieu of a hem, stitch a pretty length of lace down all four sides. :D
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      Hi Chris,

      First I purchased a tarot tote, and laycloth for the cards from an online sight.
      Then I proceeded to use that as my pattern to make my own. (I, too, find sewing

      For my tarot tote (bag), I measured out a piece of cloth and silk (for lining)
      6in.x(about) 16inches. Then, I laid one on top of the other, folded it in half
      (silk side out) and sewed up the sides...leaving about an inch at the top of the
      sides unsewn so I could roll this down and place a ribbon through it for a draw
      string. Make sure you are sewing the bag inside out.

      Re: Ribbon. I took two pieces of ribbon about 22 inches long each. Then laided
      them within that extra inch at the top....folding each in half so that each end
      would have 2 ends of ribbon coming out (tie these together after sewing) and the
      opposite side would have a folded end. (creating the "drawing" effect) <I
      screwed up my first bag only one side of the bag would "draw" ...lesson
      learned...moving on) Then I just folded that extra inch over and sewn it with
      the ribbon within instead of trying to thread the ribbon through after I had
      just sewn it all. Just make sure you leave little openings at each end so the
      strings can move....other wise have a pretty useless drawstring ribbon
      hanging from your open bag! lol

      I did all this on a sewing machine as it's quicker and I really suck at hand
      sewing! :D So far, I have sewn 3 bags.....two are great and one is the one I
      screwed up on.

      For a laycloth, I just measured out a piece of the same cloth, measuring
      21x21inches, I then just tucked my edges and sewed....making sure the corners
      weren't "V" cutting the underside corners....getting rid of that
      little bit of extra material. This size cloth will hold the Celtic Cross spread
      without difficulty.


      Hope it helped! If not, there is a site or two on the web where you can
      purchase them and pick your pattern from their wide selection. :D I personally
      would opt for a solid all of mine are of celestial
      patterns.....patterns tend to be a bit distracting for a laycloth.



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        Aah, I chickened out .

        I caved and asked my mother in law to make one for me. But your suggestions help. Now I can tell her how to make it. :D She is a great sewer and quilter and is excited to do it. She has a few new techniques she wants to try out too.

        Thanks again for ideas, I'm going to pass them along to her.


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          Pagan Patterns

          Hand Prints Studio has a new line of Pagan Patterns listed on the E-Witch.Com auction site.
          There is a Altar Cloth Pattern
          Tarot Bag Pattern, and a Banner Pattern.
          They might be of some use to you in starting your new
          sewing project.
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            One thing you can do for the altar cloth that requires no stitches....use the fusible hem material on the edges.
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