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  • lammas

    Hi All

    Anyone have any good ideas?! I would like to host some type of dinner for my family...they are Catholic, and althugh they know of my path, I don't want to overwhelm them...

    Among other things, I am looking for a good centerpiece...and cook-out type food...


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    Aye, for a cookout, you can put corn on the cob directly on the the grill. Pardon me if you knew it already...but you should keep the green outter part on it while you cook it.
    Anything from the harvest is good....fruits and fruit salad are great...(you can even grill some fruits, id est pinnaple if you like it).
    Homemade breads are wonderful for this season, and you can eat everything outdoor if you wish.
    By the way, Lamb is sacred for if you like Lamb...I'd go for it.
    Sorry if I wasn't much help.
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      I often make corn bread for Lughnasadh, but I came across a recipe for "Sun Bread" that I'm going to try this year. I can email it or PM it to you if you like. Let me know...

      Grilling fish is another good thing to do for this holiday. You can use any kind of fish, really. If you like freshwater fish, trout is a good one. You can use herbs with it such as rosemary and marjoram.

      Aside from corn being "in season" or being the first fruits of the harvest, berries and peaches are also "in season." My dessert last year was basically strawberries, raspberries, blackberries and blueberries with whipped cream. And it was awesome!

      As far as decorations, etc, corn dollies are fairly easy. You can either use dried leaves from corn, or you can use straw. Take a styrofoam ball and wrap the straw over/around it so that the ball is covered. Gather the straw "under" the "head" and tie it with string or ribbon. You can either leave the straw to hang loosely or you can tie on little bundles of straw to create arms and legs. I leave mine plain, but a friend of mine likes to add buttons and little faces.

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