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  • Mehndi

    Anyone else here a fan or practioner of Mehndi?

    I "discovered" it about 8 years ago at a boutique that sold little kits that came with henna powder and a special blend of teas to mix it with. I started reading about it again a few months ago and have rediscovered it for myself.

    I just spent about an hour creating designs on my feet and am waiting for them to dry...

    So, anyone else?
    Time flies... whether you're having fun or not

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    Nope, sorry.

    But your post kinda reminded me of something I do-- paint designs onto my feet with nail polish! :D

    It's wet, squishy fun. :D

    Anyway, sounds great; any pics of your toesies? :D:D

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      I'm a fan, but that don't mean I'm great at it.
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        Nope, no pics... sorry!

        If you leave in or close to a big city you can go places to have it done. You can also get it done at a lot of fairs now-a-days, too.
        Time flies... whether you're having fun or not


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          Wow...I have never even heard of it...



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            Hi all,

            Mehndi is an ancient Indian body art, usually performed on a woman's hands and feet a day or so before she is to get married.

            Henna powder is mixed with herbs and teas to create a paste that will stain or dye the skin. The paste is applied in elaborate designs and left on the skin to dry. Once dry, the paste will remain on the skin for at least five hours for max. staining.

            Here's a link to some pages about mehndi

            Time flies... whether you're having fun or not


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              A pagan friend of mine does it ........

              Merry Merry,
              In a local shop for the tourists, and a few weekends ago had an overnight for women only and did some beautiful painting as part of the weekend retreat. The nice part is it isnt permanent.. and you can change it to go with the seasons ........ that appeals to me more than the permanent tatoo thing for some reason .
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                Yes, I like the fact that it isn't permanent, but at the same time will last a few weeks, rather than a day or so and wash off in the tub! You can keep a journal of different designs and use all of them through the course of a year. It's fun, and I find it very relaxing, too.
                Time flies... whether you're having fun or not


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                  Thanks for all the info!

                  I too am a fan and have been for a good few years! Ever since I decided that a permanant tat was probally not a good idea

                  Ive painted my hands and palms and feet before and love doing designs on my stomach ~ they look great around your belly button!
                  Youve just inspired me to dig out my henna againa dn get painting! My boyfriend is coming over tonight so maybe Ill persuade him inot letting me do his back :D
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