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painting the house

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  • painting the house

    i had no idea where to put this - feel free to move it

    so i was going to take a nap a while ago but just as i dozed off i started thinking about how pretty paper creme paint would look in my living room and kitchen with the palest of pale baby blue ceiling ... :sigh: ... my living room, kitchen, and dining room are, i guess, what's called a "great room", and the ceiling goes all the way up to the "rafters". imho, it's gorgeous.

    i wish i'd had the brains in october when i bought the house to have the carpeting stripped out of the bedrooms and had wood flooring to match the rest of the house put down. one of the bathrooms has a vinyl floor, and the master bathroom has tile - choose one! sheesh! but i was so excited about having my own house that it didn't even occur to me until like some time in march.

    likewise with the walls. i should have had them painted. but at the time, i was so emotional that i mostly didn't care, the colors are neutral anyway (kinda), and i had no clue what colors i'd have chosen then, anyway.

    so i guess now my brain is filling in the holes, so to speak. AUGH!

    ~ Mairwen

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    My Hubs just handed me paint chips to pick a color for the bathroom. Too many choices!
    It's been minutes, it's been days. It's been all that I remember. <3


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      totally! i look at chips at Lowe's and get overwhelmed.
      ~ Mairwen