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Argh! I need a hobby!

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  • Argh! I need a hobby!

    Any good ideas?
    Something creative that doesn't cost a fortune.

    Any tips is greatly apreciated.


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    How about drawing? All you need for that is a pencil, paper and inspiration
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      Trace your family tree. It can cost money but researching is so much fun! There is quite a bit of info online and it is fun walking through cemteries looking for tombstones!


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        I vote altered books- take a book you don't like, and change it! Cheap *and* very off-the-fly creative.


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          I started makeing dreamcatchers...all you need is a metal ring... some suade(spell??) string stuff some kinda stiff string...and some lil stone beads..(only a couple to put in the catcher...)...some pony beads and some feathers..... and all the items are cheap.... heres a link.... you have to have patience for the web part though...

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            crochet, knitting, for less than $10 you can get a hook or needles and some yarn, and you would be so surprised what kind of wonderful yarn you can find in thrift stores disguised as a sweater

            or maybe a small lap or hand loom, a little more money but you can make some wonderful gifts



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              You could try making cards for people. It's a little late for Yule or Christmas but if anyone's birthday you know is coming up you can make them a card. Or for any other occasion you can think of. From personal experience people appreciate them a lot more because you've put the effort in. All you need is coloured card/paper, felt pens, scissors and glue.
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