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Sewing ritual garb?

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  • Sewing ritual garb?

    Hi All,

    I have basic sewing skills and can follow a pattern. I am not one who needs to dress in ritual garb but sometimes I get tired of wearing jeans and t shirt to group rituals OR attempting to pull something seasonally appropriate together at the last minute.

    I was thinking if I could find a nice dress pattern I could make 3-4 different coloured ones suitable for Sabbats throughout the year or other Pagan events. Especially if you add accessories! I do not want to just make a sack dress or tunic - with my full figure that tends to just look frumpy and add pounds. I want something loose enough to not need a zipper but structured enough to look nice!

    Here is one idea I found:

    Any pattern recommendations from McCalls or Simplicity or ?



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    McCall's and Simplicity and even Buttericks have several patterns that would be terrific for ritual garb, the only draw back would be that most of them will call for a zipper. It isn't easy to find anything that doesn't have a zipper these days. Now, if you don't mind paying extra for the pattern, you can go to Harper's House at for a pattern that wouldn't have a zipper in it as it would be historically correct and they didn't have zippers at that time. But, I have to tell you that they want about $20 for their patterns. I have bought several of them myself, and they are worth the money in my opinion as you not only get the pattern on most of them with the instructions, but you also get the history of them. They are usually quite simple to sew, but some of them may give you a headache trying to figure it all out. The patterns of times past where so much more simplier than they are today. It is a place to start if you don't mind paying twice as much as you would for the more common pattern. You can also access all of the other pattern companies on the internet and view their patterns online.
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      I don't knwo if this is what you're looking for, but here are a couple of simple robe patterns:

      The first one will probably hang, like you don't want it to, but the second one may work.

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