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    HI, just sharing my latest items. They are not yet stained, or glossed, and the altar box needs to be lined. I also have to sew the bags for the box. Anyway, I wanted to share.

    The large box is the altar box. It is for an order, so it is not for sale. It belongs to Keroberos. However, I do offer them on my site. The same goes for the other items. (shameless plug)

    The round wood pentacle, is an altar tile. It is for the lucky person who got the gold ribbon in their Holiday card from me That person is C'vaq.

    The small round box, is a box that comes with my runes. This was an item that sold on Ebay. I think the winner is a member here, pretty sure. But, if they are, I don't know thier MW name

    I will update when they are completed.

    Oh, and I decided to replace my tools, so I will be showing off some chianmaille, and wire jewelry after a bit. Playing with brass and silvertone wire until my silver gets here. I hope it won't take too long. I am kinda itching to get back into it.

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    Wow they are very pretty.
    Did you make those yourself ?, if you did congratulations!

    Well done you!



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      I din't make the boxes, I just burned the designs into them


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          Those are beautiful!
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            Wow I'm loving that sun! They truly are beautiful - how exactly do you go about making them?
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              I just woodburn the designs into them. For the boxes anyway. My books I make 100%, and I make some of my tiles and plaques 100% as well, and the same for my runes. But the boxes I buy premade, and then fix up. Eventually, I hope to have the time to make the boxes too. I just have to ditch this thing called and *out of home job* first LOL.


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                I told you I would be doing a necklace too, well here it is.

                I moved the necklace to a new thread... I felt like I kinda buried it here.
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                  They look great!

                  This is my dragon Titania made by instinct



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                    ohh,love the sun box.great job as always!
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                      hooray for box! It looks fantastic I cant wait!!!!
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                        I am glad you approve!


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                          Your work is very beautiful, Linx!
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