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    I need some help. My pirate ship at the Ren Faire is holding a "Mardi Gras Masquerade Pirate Ball", and I need a mask. I don't have enough time to order a really cool looking on online since the party is on the 12th. Soooo....all you crafty people out there...what are some good ideas/methods for making a mask that will be ready in less than a week?

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    Mine for Halloween last year had rhintestone pieces around the eyes and feathers around it, I almost looked lile a bird.
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      my winter formal is tonight, and the theme is midnight masquerade, so one of my friends took a plain white mask, took a paper plate or something and cut out shapes and added "horns" to make it stand out... she smeared it with black glitter, and put fluffy black feathers around it, and it looked gorgeous... i was surprised that it turned out so well... anyways, you can't go wrong with glitter and feathers..


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        Id get those fake dimonds that stick to your skin(really tiny colored rhinstones), some makeup and design it right on my face. It wouldnt come on and off like the normal masks but you wouldnt have to hold it up to your face all night either....the glitter and feathers sound nice to...have a great time!


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          Just a design tip: I've noticed a few interesting additions to a mask tend to look better than a lot of cheap ones (don't just cover it in rhinestones and glitter.) They also tend to look nicer with a fabric background instead of the plasic. It is easy to just glue down the fabric(edges on the back) and that gives you a lot of options to personalize it/supplement the decorations.

          Also, I made a fox/kitsune mask a few years back.. teddy bear/stuffed animal noses from the craft store and faux fur made a neat mask. I did a gryphon another year: an eagle beak from the costume store/party store with the fur and feathers looked great. Just walk through a craft store or party store, grab whatever calls you, look at it for a bit and see if you can see a theme or design pulling itself together. Maybe silk or dried florals will call you instead of feathers.
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