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  • ideas, anyone?

    i'm falling down a financial hole that's getting deeper every day, so i thought if i tried making things to sell on ebay perhaps i'd be able to cut some of the edge off. i don't have the money to buy any materials, but if anyone has any ideas, please feel free to speak up...i have needles and thread, no sewing machine, old clothes i could cut up for material, paper (kind of), wax from old candles, and a large set of acryllic paints and brushes, but nothing to paint on...would acryllic paint work ok on wood? would it work well on anything really, other than a canvas? i'm already getting all of my junk together that i want to sell, but if anyone has any ideas of something i can begin to produce so i have a way to try to crawl out of this hole, i'd be very greatful.

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    Yes, acrylics work on wood. Do you have Gesso (acrylic primer)? You can paint with acrylics on many different materials but as some are more porous, they may suck up your paint which is why it's important to gesso first. If paint flows off of your paintbrush with ease, it probably doesn't need to be gessoed. But, if you seem to need much more paint than usual to paint just a small area, you need to prime first (or you will waste paint and it will be a big pain to paint).

    Are you good at sewing? If so why not quilt or crazy quilt purses, tarot bags, rune bags, altar cloths, etc.
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      You can also paint on newspapers. I started doing this because I had a teacher who asked to make our assignments on newspapers. Those assignments where the best paintings I ever made
      Because there is already a texture in your surface it gives something to build on, and you don't have the feeling you are making a nice white surface filthy with the first line.
      I would also suggest to collect a lot of materials. There are a lot packaging materials you could use in crafts.
      For fabrics it's importent they are new, or not used very often
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        Before you got too into any project, I would search e-bay to see if there is anything similar for auction and if it is selling.
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