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    I have a bunch of prints I want to frame and hang around the house but I dont have any frames. Is there a way besides woodwork to make your own frames? Or at least a way to put the pictures up to make them look nice?

    This is my dragon Titania made by instinct


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    You could make your own frames. I think you can make frames from any material you like. Buy some plexi glass to put in, and some wooden panel or strong cardboard for the back.
    I saw a beautifull frame in a store a few months ago, it was a very simple (small) frame, just covered with some velvet fabric (a red-bordeaux color).
    If you like a more "modern" frame, you can also just take a piese of plexi glass, a piece of cardboard and a piece of a colored or white paper. You could take them all in the same size, or the plexi a bit larger. The plexi will be on top, then the thing you wanted to frame (this has to be smaller than the rest), behind it the piece of paper and then the piece of cardboard. Then you can drill holes in the corners and hold the whol thing togheter with screws. This way you can vary a lot with diffrent kinds of papers and sizes.
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