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  • Okay

    This is gonna sound strange, but does anyone have a spare, or know where I can get a bluish-purplish cloak that I could have?:D:D:D I really need one! I am desperate! lol

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    Just go get you some material and make is easy!!!


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      I personally don't have a cloak yet. My girlfriend is making me one for the Autumn Meet I am going to in FLA. I am going to see if I can't make me a Robe or two before I go. I'm a solitary and don't "dress up" to do my rituals. I usually just wear something comfortable and unresticting....just keeping in mind to be careful near the candles and not catch myself on fire! lol

      Cloaks can be pretty inexpensive to make. It just takes some time and patience! :D Here are a couple sites for patterns.


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        Here's one I'm working on now...

        Not really an "official" pattern, mind, but it works. the cord across the division between the hoode and the rest is to define the fold were the hood starts, and I would also put a cord along the brim of the hood to help it hold it's shape.

        This pattern ends you with a cloak that wraps across your front, and clasps at either shoulder (eg one internal clasp, one external). Quite warm, doesn't really hinder movement, and I like the drapey-style hood.

        Currently working on mine, I'll post a pic when I'm done. Black velvet external, purple velvet internal (will use the same pattern later for an outdoors-worthy cloak... this one is just for show and fun)
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