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  • Samhain Crafts?

    Does anyone have any craft ideas for Samhain?

    One thing that I do is make little orange pumpkins filled with treats or gifts.

    I take either orange paper napkins (the big kind) or sheets of orange crepe paper (almost impossible to find) and cut circles out of the paper, ten inches in diameter.

    I put a handful of candy or a wrapped polished stone or some other thing in the middle of the paper and gather it up to form a "stem." I secure the stem with green floral tape. Wrap it around a few times and it really looks like a pumpkin!
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    That sounds so cool. Thanks for sharing that.
    I am sure I have a bunch too. I will go through the files and post what I come up with in the next day or so.
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      I think this year i am gonna teach Trey how to make ghosts out of know just bunch one up and wrap another around it and tape his neck then paint eyes on. I think he would like that.


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        Here is a link I found with some cute, inexpensive crafts for the season. I think we will try out a few. I like the sucker ghosts...great to make for trick-or-treaters.


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          Thanks! Semele.
          I like the Halloween window hangings. Although I would probably do the deal where you cut the shapes out of the black paper and back the openings of the shapes with orange tissue so it has a stained glass effect. That will look great with candle light flickering in the back ground!
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            I have a craft I'd like to contribute to this thread! I got it from this big craft book I bought last year

            Cookie Cutter Jack O'Laterns:

            small to medium sized pumpkins
            Various Samhain styled cookie cutters
            Small knife or pumpkin carving tool set
            votive candles
            Newspaper to cover your work area

            Cut off top of pumpkin & scoop out the insides. Place the cookie cutter on the outside of the pumpkin and push hard enough to leave a visible impression. Trace around the impression with a marker. Using a small knife or pumpkin carving tool to cut out the image.

            You can cut out one image on a small pumpkin or several on larger ones.

            I tried this last year & it was hoot! I did it with my son & niece and they had a blast.

            ***taken from "Great Gifts in Under 30 Minutes" Collection***
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              Tempra paintings on the insides of the windows it washes right off.
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                Thanks, Yvonne! I hadn't thought of that! I may propose something to my boss next week!

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                  Originally posted by Semele
                  I think this year i am gonna teach Trey how to make ghosts out of know just bunch one up and wrap another around it and tape his neck then paint eyes on. I think he would like that.
                  That's a wonderful idea. Made those to hang in our trees outside last year... though some kids wripped them off while trick-or-treating. It's also great fun to use a lollypop and wrap a kleenex over it, like you would in the regular ghosts. Then its candy, and a cool craft! Make sure there is a wrapper on the lollys, I was voluntering at our community hall with sparks (a really young branch of Girl Guides) and some of the girls took off the wrappers, sucked on them a bit, and then wrapped them in kleenex, and then drew the faces on. It was not too good, not in the least. I'm voluntering again, I think, and I'll be sure to bring up your craft idea, Niamh, it looks excelent!
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