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Forum Guide Nominations for A&C: Digital Art

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  • Forum Guide Nominations for A&C: Digital Art

    The nominations are now open!

    We are currently looking for one new Guides for A&C: Digital Art.

    Just a reminder for those who weren't around when the first round of nominations came about:

    Guides are not moderators. However, we are working on having new "powers" for the Guides so that they may now move, stick, close and edit threads on their own. Guides also encourage activity in the forum, whether by introducing new topics, starting games, etc.

    There will be no vote afterward. When the nominations close, I will take the nominees to the other admins and we will discuss who we think will be a good guide for each forum.

    The rules for nomination:

    1. Nominate two members who you think will make good guides and will have fun at it! We don't want to think of this as work.

    2. If you are nominated and don't want the position, you can always decline.

    3. No admins.

    The qualifications for a Forum Guide nominee:

    1. Should be a member for 6 months, or a regular posting member in the forum in which they are nominated.

    2. Should have at least 250 posts. Nominee should have a significant number of posts in the forum in which they are nominated.

    3. Should not be currently on Admin radar - nominees who directly refuse to heed Administrative directives will not be considered for the position.

    4. Must be willing to commit to the position. If a Guide is found to be unreliable, does not log in (without prior notice) exceeding 3 months, or is shown to be ineffective in their forum, status will be revoked.

    Nomination thread will close in one week (November 18). After the admins have done all their discussing and have chosen a new Guide, I will come back and make an announcement.

    Have fun!

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    As I said in the Drawing and Painting nominations I'd love to help out being a guide. So either here or there but definetly not both! ^_^ Good luck everyone!
    I'm available for Tarot Readings

    An artist is only an artist on condition that he neglects no aspect of his dual nature. This dualism is the power of being oneself and someone else at one and the same time. - Charles Baudelaire


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      Just a reminder that nomination threads will be closing on Tuesday, so get those last minute nominations in.


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        Nominations are now closed.