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Omg I did digital art o0

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  • Omg I did digital art o0

    And my hand is ready to fall off. I dont usually do digital work at most all I do is lay down some colors so I can better show people whats in my head for the drawing. But this piece I put 7 1/2 hours into. Its not the best thing ever and I do have alot of room for improvement but I think its a good start

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    Ooo. Thats pretty! It's way better than anything I could have done. Great job :D

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      I love the colors and background you used for this! It's beautiful!

      Have you every checked out the anatomy perspective books? I think you have really good potential to be even better than this!

      I want to see you work on forshortening on this!

      But really, the color is fantastic! You really have an eye for that!
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        A very good start indeed! :D