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making vintage photo slides less vintage looking?

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  • making vintage photo slides less vintage looking?

    I'm in need of some photo editing tips. Is there any way I can make these look less like old slides and more like what the original photo would have looked like?

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    Photoshop may be able to help you there. I'd say play with the brightness/contrast and some of the filters. It depends on what photoshop version you have too.
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      You could just take them to a photo developing place and get them to make them into photos couldn't you?

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        Often times if you look for free paint brushes or even icons you can find them on the internet,... could be worth trying, then painting it on its own separate layer so if you wanted to cut parts out or make parts transparent you could.

        Here is something that may help,..


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          Photoshop would be the best bet. It's possible that GIMP could work for you (it's free), but I've never used it.

          You'll need to brighten the colors- mainly through using 'levels' (CTRL+L).
          Then, I'd mess with color balance (CTRL+B) to make it more vibrant.

          If that doesn't give you what you want, you can try curves (CTRL+M).

          And lastly, you might want to mask out certain areas of the picture, and change the colors independantly- for example, cutting the grass part off, and making it greener, etc.

          If you find things need to be sharpened, you can use the "high pass" filter (it's under 'other'- at the bottom). You'll want to adjust the settings so that you have fine lines that aren't too bold. After you hit okay, you'll turn the blending mode of htat layer to 'overlay'- and that should work.

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