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(my brag): this is what my daughter does...

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  • (my brag): this is what my daughter does...

    she's got tourette's syndrome, obsessive-compulsive disorder, attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder, a sleep disorder, and various stress syndromes. she's also stunningly gorgeous (ask gunner!) and creates "stoof" like this: she began with a pencil sketch, and has since been laboriously colouring it using photoimpact 6.0 and a mouse....

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    WOW!! That is worth a brag or two!
    Think for yourself and let others enjoy the privilege to do so also. - Voltaire


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      Absolutely Wonderful! WOW!!! is definitely right!!
      just a little white duck
      swimmin in the water.......
      just a little white duck
      doing what she oughtta.......


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        That is great!

        Please repost this when she is all done. That is really great talent.


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          Done? I thought it was simply awesome as is! :D
          ~ Mairwen


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            simply awesome. i love the pose. i'd love to see more of her work, if that's okay.~raven
            Founder of Pagans of Color


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              more of her work? we're *drowning* in it, lol! she's quite prolific, now that she's gotten over her obsession about not displaying it.

              hmmm... i wanted to show one before and one after computer enhancing, but it looks like i can only attach one per post.

              this one, chicksitting, is the "before" -- a simple pencil sketch.


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                and the "after"...

                this one is another pencil sketch, a self-portrait, coloured in using ... i think it's adobe photoshop 5.0, this time.

                she's rather good using those graphic editors and enhancers. me, i just fix ruined photographs, lol!


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                  These ones are great! Please tell her we love her pics. A very talented daughter you have there!
                  Think for yourself and let others enjoy the privilege to do so also. - Voltaire


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                    thanx for posting more. they're awesome!~raven
                    Founder of Pagans of Color


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                      Thankyou for sharing those terrific pics.
                      You have a very special child.
                      She may have been given challenges in life, but she was also given gifts.
                      How lovely that is it a gift that she can openly share with anyone willing to take the time to look.
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                        Very enjoyable pieces to look at. Thank you for posting them. BB.


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                          Beautiful! Is all I can say about your daughter. Her pics are absolutely stunning! I can't wait for my older bro to visit so I can show him! He's an artist too.

                          Amazing. You have a very special daughter. Thanks for showing them to us.
                          It's been minutes, it's been days. It's been all that I remember. <3


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                            WoW. Terriffic!

                            Her work shows dedication, it'll serve her well. A fun software she might enjoy having would be kidpix- WE got it for the kids, and my husband and I often start an image in it before we import it into photoshop or suchlike.
                            "And All Shall Be well, And All Shall Be well, And All Manner Of things Shall Be Well"


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                              These are amazing. :D Your daughter has a real gift. ::runs off to melt into a puddle of green envy:: :D

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