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Druchii's 3 dimensional painting, armouring, and sculpture thread...

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    Very way cool. So that's what intaglio means, huh? You are quite the renaissance man.
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      Dru, that chevalier is just gorgeous...

      many thanks to Cloakofstars9 for the beautiful banner

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        You and the stuff you do is just unbelivable, keep up the great work.


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          Whoa. That's pretty freakin cool. Intaglio, eh? Whatever you want to call it.. it looks great ^_~
          S M

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          I had fun making these:


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            Wow those are wonderful

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              Gorget ( medieval neck and upper chest armour )

              14 gauge carbon steel, brass rivets, and leather padding.
              This was my first peice of armour that I created.
              Total hours spent... about 22 hours from pattern to final polishing from what I remember.

              This was a learning experience and a half. After this I delved into chainmail and leather working which I will post some of up later. I also have a great helm that is just about competed and about ready to post on here.


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                The details on the chevalier are extremely well done, you should be very proud of that one.
                2000 is a huge number! I only paint 10 or 20 during the winter and a dragon here and there. I'd love to see what you could do with one of those! I miss the old Grenadier dragons, they were fun to paint.
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                  Nice nice. I love armor... I want to try my hand at plate but for right now I stick with chainmaille =)
                  S M

                  "It's not what you think it is. And neither is it otherwise." - Zen Saying
                  I had fun making these:


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                    Heh...I only work with soft leathers, like deer, elk, buffalo, etc. Easier...can't wait to see some of your stuff!

                    Do you take commissions for armor?
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                      Great Job! *blinks* I could never do that!
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                      I love Lost_Sole.


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                        You feel like a nerd liking those things? Actually it's very non-nerd to do and create things with your hand, not sitting behind a computer

                        And you are very talented!!! Be proud.
                        Thanks for the banner Faeawyn!