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CAI: Sacred Circle

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  • CAI: Sacred Circle

    Based on my visualisation of casting a circle:

    Xentor, your friendly-neighbourhood Checkerist
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    let them say what they will,
    'cause they will anyhow....
    lay back,
    and light up,
    without any guilt.


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      Hehehe that is what I said in his other post with this picture in it, and I do not know about anyone elese but ist sure has a nice energy to it :D
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        Nice Xen!

        One Q tho, in the other post you told that you wanted to emphasize on the Deities, and that's why there's no pentagram.. But I wonder, what does the pentagram has to do with deity at all? And where in this picture are you exactly emphasizing that aspect? What, in your view, has Deity to do with casting a circle?
        Thanks for the banner Faeawyn!


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          I normally don't cast a circle. I just blast everything to cleanse it. For me to do the lbrp I need to visualise a way of invoking the deities involved. I have no visualisation of those, thus I interpreted them as shields (the pastille figures), because of the function of that ritual, which seems to have the same function as a wiccan circle cast, and the same function as my cleansing blast: to shield and protect. The shields are curved around the sphere (my influence), as a protection for all sides, 360 degrees, instead of just 4 directions.

          What are deities doing in a wiccan circle cast? As far as I understand it (and I may be completely wrong), in casting the circle the wiccan calls the four quarters to protect the circle.
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          Xentor, your friendly-neighbourhood Checkerist
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            *That* is one damn nice circle. And far more imaginative than mine ever are.

            Nice work, Xentor

            many thanks to Cloakofstars9 for the beautiful banner

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              a good visualization.

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                Well Xentor yes! We call the quarters, that is correct. We believe that there are Guards at those quarters which block out bad vibes from the element the Guard on a certain quarter perscribes to. Its alot like the LBRP. I guess these Guards represent forms of Deity, but not the Deity itself.. That is represented symbolically by statues and/or candles on the altar. Ofcourse Deity is evoked/invoked during a ritual. Its supposedly IN the circle alright. Where exactly is not anything i'm certain of, the center does not seem like a right place tho. If you invoke, the Deity is inside the Wiccan. If you evoke, I suppose it is ANYWHERE in the circle. You are correct on the sphereshape tho, this protection is NOT only at these 4 cardinal points. Every element is guarding throughout the entire sphere's surface. So there are probably four layers of protective shield around a Wiccan circle, only represented by four cardinal points as of the Symbolic value.
                Thanks for the banner Faeawyn!


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                  That is a spiffy visualization! I love the layers of color inside the sphere.
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                    Great work Xentor! I love it!
                    The closer you to get to the light, the greater your shadow becomes...

                    I love Lost_Sole.


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                      That is so hot!

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                        Xentor, your friendly-neighbourhood Checkerist
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