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Patriotic Piece I Made in Photoshop 800*600

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  • Patriotic Piece I Made in Photoshop 800*600

    Was reading Yahoo news a couple nights ago and I had some inspiration...

    it's an 800*600 pic so I didn't show it here, just click on it to see it

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    nice work! my heart is swelling with pride :hearthear

    Special thanks to Faeawyn, Halfwaynowhere, Lilith79 and ME!

    Made by Me- My 2 beautiful Indigo Angels!


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      Very nice! I like the shade of red you chose.
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        Great job!!

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          Beautiful work!

          I personally don't agree with everything that's gone on with Iraq, but I do support our troops. Their path is that of the warrior, to live with valour, courage, and loyalty.
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            Great job !!!

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