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How to Post a Banner

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    This RAWKS!!

    Nothin' Beats the Hobo Life, Stabbin' People Wit' My Hobo Knife.

    Remember What Mom Used To Say... "Always Stick Pins In The Eyes Of Your Zombie!"

    I had a little tea party, this afternoon at three. Twas very small, three guests in all, I, Myself, and Me. Myself ate up the sandwiches, while I drank up the tea. Twas also I that ate the pie and passed the cake to me! -- Unknown

    Stuff I Like:


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      Here you go
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        Well after reading this entire thread one would think that I would know what to do and how to do it and make one. I would like to have a banner myself as well, something promoting my new upcoming online store. The name is Pheonix Rising now is there a way to make it animated?
        Would also like one for myself Prophecy. No cartoons though Merlin reading a prophetic scroll with me appearing out of the mists in a glade or stonehendge hmmm sounds wonderful to me. Catiana please help or someone that can PLEASE
        Then I will need directions on how to post them here as a rotation. :hahugh:

        Thank You Catiana for the beautiful banners
        In Loving Memory
        ~Spider Lady~

        Look Into The Eyes of The Dragon and Despair, I Curse you, I Consign you to OBLIVION!

        "Without inspiration, the best powers of the mind remain dormant, there is a fuel in us all which needs to be ignited with sparks."
        "Do not call up, What you cannot put down"
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          OK here's Sages new and improved banners. (Again dont use without permission from Sage or me please... :D )

          Behold! The bunneh cuteness!



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            Hii guys well I know how to insert a signature but I wanted to know how you can write your name on the pic like this one which halfwaynowhere did for page????


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              Here is Cheschire's banner and mine...
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