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  • Goddess Doll Patterns

    I have put this thread in the main part but thought I may get a different response here so here goes.
    I like making small Goddess dolls and Kivett patterns were just perfect. Sadly I lost mine that I had saved when my old computer packed up.

    So does anyone have the pattern templates for Goddess Dolls that were on the Kivett Studio website?

    They are no longer on the site and yes I have emailed them using their contact thread but have had no response. I have one pattern only but there were others.

    This is one that I made recently.

    I do hope someone has the other patterns.
    With Love and Light

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    The "pattern" doesn't really look all that complex... why not just sketch out how you want it to look, and make it?

    That would hold even more meaning, I think.
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      I have that pattern its the others I wanted one was a butterfly and one was a sun both have the same body as the one pictured but I cannot recall how they looked that is why I asked if anyone had the patterns.
      I have made some different ones myself but I prefer using a proper pattern I am not that great at maiking them myself. LOL
      With Love and Light


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        It's simple, yet very lovely.

        I crocheted a doll to be my Goddess, but it turned out to be a disaster, ugh! The poor thing looked like a skeleton with only half a head of hair. It's head was too big and it's body was more like a hornet. However, I don't have the conscience to toss it, as I feel like there's already some Goddess energy in it - yet it gives me the willies when I look at it - so I keep it in my yarn basket.

        Perhaps I'll just go to Michael's or JoAnn's and pick up a pre-made doll then knit a little dress for it and buy a curly wig.



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          I have a selection of the Kivett studio doll blanks including the butterfly. I printed some just a few weeks ago so they must still be available. I'm away from home until the weekend but I could checkout the info on my return and post it here.


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            Looks like there's links to free doll patterns at this page:


            Very cool!


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              I just wanted to add, my friend Joni makes wonderful Goddess Dolls.

              if your willing, check out her website.

              they are pretty, all handcrafted, and made special.

              just a thought.
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