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A Que. about old dolls.....

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  • A Que. about old dolls.....

    Hi! I am sorta at a loss about where to find info about antique dolls. I have 5 dolls my great grandmother had hidden in a barn......they are about 6 inchs tall, (Sorta like a barbi BUT..) they are movable parts but their arms and the sleepy eyes.....

    Now, I have took everything off and there are no marks anywhere! Their hair is glued on, (mohair?) and their cloths STAPLED on! (BIG heavy duty ones!) They almost remind me of fairy tale type dolls cause each one seems to repr. ? but have no info at all to go on. I know my great grandma was born in 1877-1970 something.... but no one left in family can tell me anything either........

    So, my main que's..
    1. Do these sound familiar?
    (I know a pic would help more will try this weekend)

    2. One has hair falling off if I re-did it how much damage would I cause or does it even matter?

    3. One is missing a arm..if I cant find size to match can I make one out of ?....

    Hopefully when I get pics up will help explain them more.....thanks for any info tho!

    Hapy dolling every one! Kim
    [SIGPIC] Kim