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Dolls out of Saran Wrap/Cling Wrap

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  • Dolls out of Saran Wrap/Cling Wrap

    I found a really cool idea online - Dolls out of that clingy plastic wrap. I love the idea since I'm not the best sewer, and it's very affordable. Check out the links!

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    im sure everyone has a different opinion but I dont see why she would be upset. I think it is the intention that is important and not what it is actually made of or anything else. I think she might appreciate it more becuase it came from you and you put your energies into making it.
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      Great links, will be very useful for something I want to make.

      I agree with Willow Rosette, I don't think Aset would be upset.


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        The cling wrap looks pretty cool. You could also do something with corn husks if you wanted to go with a more natural look. Corn dollies are not too hard to do, they just take a while.

        (Thanks Flaire!)


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          Thanks for the links. I love poppets. I have made a few out of twist ties when in need and nothing else was around.
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            I made a Doll of Isis and put it in my first post. The doll looks better in real life then it does in the picture. It took hours to make last night, and I used a lot of tape and fabric glue. I got a lot of fabric glue on my fingers unfortunately.


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              I made a clingwrap shark Thursday. I didn't have a guide so I just winged it. It's my current avatar. If I ever change my avatar I'll put the pic in a post in this thread.


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                Oh gosh, no, why would she be upset? :bigredgri I'd be so flattered by the thought and loving energy that went into it.

                As I stated in another thread, my goal is to make my God/dess figures in a doll form.