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What have you and your camera been up to lately?

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    It sure is. It's true what they say about parrots and crows.... They really do have the same level of intelligence as a human toddler. Her name is Phoebe. She's a 6-year-old cinnamon (or fallow, or fancy) green cheek conure.
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      Today I got my camera for the first time in six months. We are going to camping soon, I would like to take some good pictures of nature, so I decided to take photo today. I 'm glad that I haven't forgotten the basics of photographing or how to properly handle the camera, but it's a little unusual for me to take a photo now. I noticed that my tripod was completely broken, because someone had put a heavy box on it, so I would have to buy a new one. Today, for the first time in a long time, I started reading portals for photographers, such as . I like the fact that on the Internet you can find good articles on how to make good photos. 10 years ago we had to try it all ourselves and only through the method of trial and error we went to a new level in photography. It's much easier now.


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        I bought GEBS a new SLR this past Christmas. We have been out shooting one time. Ugh. Gotta change that.



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          I haven't done much fun shooting, only paid client work. But I did get some fun nature shots the other day, and I still have some concert photos I need to sort and edit.
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