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  • Homemade soaps

    I had a dear friend who used to sell at the nearby Farmer's Market who married and moved away, but her soaps were fabulous! They left my skin feeling like I'd applied body moisturizer, even though I hadn't. I missed her and the soaps, so started reading up on how to make soap myself.

    A year and a half later, I finally took the plunge and tried it. Well, the first batch was Epic Fail and a huge mess, but the second one resulted in the kind of soaps I remembered my friend making! My skin is happy again!

    Since then I've added on to the recipes list, purchased truck loads of supplies and downloaded a software program specifically for soap makers calculations/inventory/pricing. The picture is of the second batch made and sent to Florida to a different friend who is selling it for me.

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    Oh, awesome! My first batch was epic fail, too. Are you using lye to do yours?


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      your packaging looks pretty cute. are you going to set up an etsy shop or zibbet is another one i use too.


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        i want some soap like that! Do you have an online shop?

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          Awesome, great job! I plan on making my own soup in the future, I bought a book how to make your own soup last time I visited the book store.

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            Very nice, I love your packaging! :-)

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