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    dont know if anyone posted this in reply but DONT USE BAKING SODA!! its an odor *sp* absorber...all you need is the salt and oils...I never had a complaint yet (in fact just the opposite)

    as for portions when I do it for just myself I'd use lets say 1 cup to however many drops of oil I'd like (depending on how strong or soft I wanted it)...and dont store your salts in plastic (wasted a whole batch that way dang nab it), you can for a short period of time (like when I had to make a specific batch for someone and they were pickin it up within a couple of days I'd put it in plastic ziploc bags but would tell them to get it into glass jars as soon as possible)

    Just my personal experience



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      thank you raven windsong


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        I too use dendritic salt in my bath salt exclusively because it keeps the salts loose and clump free. It's my personal opinion that it helps the salts to retain their scent as well. It doesn't take much to work. Just add a tablespoon or so to every 3 cups of base salt and mix well. Then add your colorant and scented/essential oil. There is a great site I buy all of my salt supplies from (very high quality) including dendritic salt @ You can get some for $3.00. I don't recommend Cunningham's recipe or food coloring as colorants. If you want a great recipe just ask me. I learned on my own through trial and error. :flowers:


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          I'm new to making my own bath products, but thought I'd revive this thread, as I have a recipe that works great

          Makes approximately 500g of Bath Salts

          What you need:
          * 480g of Sea Salts [Fine or coarse, or a mixture of the two]
          * 20g Bicarbonate of Soda [not baking soda, it's different]
          * 4ml of your chosen essential oil [See further down for a rough guide]
          * A tablespoon of dried flowers/petals/herbs to match the oil scent
          * A couple of drops of food colouring/cosmetic pigment [just enough to tint the salts lightly]
          * An airtight glass jar

          - Mix the salts and Bicarbonate of Soda in a large bowl until well blended.

          - Add the colouring [just a tiny bit] and mix in until all the salts are evenly coloured to a pastel shade.

          - Drip the essential oil evenly over the surface of the salts and mix thoroughly. You may find that the colour will deepen.

          - Leave the salts in the bowl overnight so that the fragrance can be absorbed.

          - The next day, once the salts have dried, stir again until they are free-flowing, then add your herbs/petals.

          - Spoon into a large airtight jar. For a creative twist, fill the jar with alternating layers of salts and petals.

          That's it! Easy peasy.
          Some good combinations:

          Patchouli essential oil and dried Patchouli leaves - Money-drawing & Energising.

          Carnation Essential oil and dried Carnation petals - Love, health and magickal energy.

          Peppermint Essential oil and dried or fresh mint leaves - Purification & stimulation.

          Geranium Essential oil and dried Rose petals/buds - Happiness & protection.

          Lavender Essential oil and dried Lavender flowers - Calming & peaceful.

          Neroli Essential oil - Joy & aphrodisiac.

          Sandalwood Essential oil - Meditation & spirituality.

          Ylang Ylang Essential oil - Love & aphrodisiac.

          Lime & Ginger Essential oils - Stimulating & energising.

          Some essential oils can't be used on the skin, even when diluted. Always consult a reliable source [Google is a good one ;D] if you're unsure.


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            A putting a saltine cracker in the bottle is another trick to keep salt and sugar from turning hard. I live in the Southwest and out here it's so dry most folks never have problems with that, but I used to see that in restaurants in California a lot.
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