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    Q) What happens to the addresses that we send to the swap coordinators?
    A) They are given only to your swap partner, and then are discarded by the swap organizer. They are not used for any other purposes. That is the reason that you have to give the organizer your address for each swap, even if you have swapped before.

    Q) Who can swap?
    A) Anyone who has been an MW member for at least 3 months, and has actively participated in the threads. Newbies need to demonstrate that they are going to be active, and trustworthy.

    Q) Alright, now I'm signed up, when do I send the stuff and to whom.
    A) Each swap coordinator will have a sign-up close date, a date that the package should be sent, and will radomly assign partners for the swap.

    Q) Why do you want my phone number?
    A) A few times in the past swap members have lost access to the internet during a swap. In case of a problem with the swap, and the members lack of internet access we would use the phone number to contact the swapper to straighten things out. This is the only time a number would be used. At the end of the swap the phone number is destroyed along with the address.

    Q) What are good things to send?
    A) It is easier to say what has problems going through customs for international customes. Plant seeds, and plants do not work. loose herbs are sometimes openned and rummaged through. Commercially packaged herbs and teas do fine. Money doesn't work very well in large amounts. :hahugh: In most swaps the swapees will be making suggestions of things they would like.

    Q) What is the most effective way to send internationally?
    A) Make sure that they are smaller flat items. In the US use the international priority flat envelope. You can put as much in that as will fit, and the rate is fairly good. If you buy postage online at you will get a discount, and free tracking.

    Q) Is it mandatory to track the packages?
    A) Yes it is, you will be glad that you spent the money to do that. We have all had packages that went the way of Robinhood's barn and were grateful for the ability to track them.

    Q) Can anyone start a swap?
    A) Sure give it a try, see what happens. You probably won't get too many participants if you haven't at least proven that you are trustworthy in other swaps.

    Q) What should I do if I want to start a Swap?
    A) Start it in Swap Central. Make the title as descriptive as you can. Make sure to date the title so similar swaps from years past don't get considered. Format might be "Samhain 2007" This way the 2004 and 2005 ones are not considered.

    Well feel free to make suggestions. After a time I will coordinate all the FAQ suggestions into one spot.
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    Don't forget to date each swap title! :hehehehe:

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