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If You Plan to Host/ess a Swap or Participate in one; READ THIS FIRST

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  • If You Plan to Host/ess a Swap or Participate in one; READ THIS FIRST

    As many of you know, there is a lot to do when host/essing a Swap. Please read these few suggestions to help you have a successful Swap. As a courtesy to all those who sign up for your swap, be absolutely certain that you can follow through with your swap before ever starting one. If you are thinking about starting a swap, and want to get a feel for general interest, then start with a Poll to find out if anyone wants to do this. Some courtesy on the host/ess's part, and the participants is important to a fun and successful swap.

    Participants, when you sign up, be sure that you can fulfill the commitment that you are making. Some swaps have a dollar amount attached to them, and you will be expected to swap an item(s) of equal value. Many are artist swaps that have no actual dollar value, but you are still expected to give some thought and time to your projects. Please, be sure that you are 100% commited to the swap. We understand that emergencies come up, so if extenuating circumstances arise, please make sure that the swap host/ess knows as soon as possible. This will give them time to make other arrangements for your swap partner.

    Some basic instructions to host/ess a successful Swap. (We expect you to use all that apply to your type of swap.)

    1) Date the title so we don't confuse similar swap names with prior year swaps.

    2) When posting the thread include the sign-up closing date, the date by which the names will be assigned, and the expected ship date.

    3) Give good detail about the swap, so there are no last minute surprises for the participants.

    4) Give a minimum price range acceptable, if applicable, to assure that no one is hugely disappointed when they send out a $25 package and receive a $1 package. Always get the phone numbers from the participants for the swaps that involve valuable items, just in case someone loses access to the internet.

    5) Swappers who fail to follow through on a swap will be banned from participating in future swaps until the a package is received by the banned swappers partner. I realize that extreme things happen, but it is not possible for us to know this when packages are not received by partners. This rule applies immediately 8/31/07.

    6) Always pay the $0.45 for tracking of packages for the more valueable items. That way we know where they are. It has proven to be helpful in the past. We realize that in other countries than the US, this may be an expensive proposition and may not be practicle for the swapper. This won't preclude you from participating.

    7) Post a list of the participants.

    8) Track the participants that have sent and received packages by placing an indication by their name on the list you have prepared.

    9) Participants, let the host/ess know when you send your swap item, and when you receive. You may want to send the host/ess your tracking number, if applicable.

    9) Host/ess, Let the one of the forum guides know when all participants have received, so the thread can be closed.

    Some recommendations for ATC, Paper Media, and Art Work: Generously supplied by Autumn Clair

    I keep a written record of all my swaps I do which makes it easy for me to keep track of what swaps I'm in and what I host.

    Swap Title:
    Swap Host:
    Due Date:
    Swap Description and Requirements:
    User Name:
    Mailing Info:

    then I check three boxes __Done __Mailed __Received
    Note: anything I want to remind me about the swap good trade bad trade slow trade fast trade and so on.


    You might want to remind members outside the United States there's no comfirmation labels to track swaps and some places require custom labels to be filled out. Oh, and Australia doesn't except items with natural products like leafs and wood,or seed and so on Custom will destroy those.
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    Fantastic post! Good going on all points. :hehehehe:

    I just want to reiterate.. if ANYONE has an issue with hosting or participating in a swap, please feel free to contact the host or one of the forum guides.

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