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  • PIF Swaps?

    On other forums, I have seen PIF threads (or Pay it Forward).

    How it works:

    The original poster lists 5 or more things they currently have that they would like to pass on to someone else. Example: lavender buds, homemade fast luck oil, snake sheds, 7 day vigil candle in red, book about tarot

    The next poster selects something from that list that they want and then, in turn, lists 5 or more things THEY have and want to get rid of. Example: "I want the fast luck oil and will send you my address in a private message. In turn, I offer a lodestone, a book on cooking with herbs, a red drawstring bag, some eucalyptus and handmade incense cones."

    Someone else comes along and says "I will take that lodestone from you and will private message you my address. In turn, here is what I have to offer"

    It is just first come, first served - whoever happens along when a list is up can snag it and post their own list.

    Are you guys interested? I would be willing to post the first list, if you think it would be an active swap.
    I love it and would use it all the time.
    I like the idea but probably would not use it.
    I don't like the idea because someone may not be honest about sending.
    I just don't like the idea at all.

    The poll is expired.

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    Ooh, me likey. Count me in.


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      Me too

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        I am charging my camera and I am going to post my list this evening and get the ball rolling!

        I want to send pictures of what I can send just so people can SEE it.
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          Would this be for inside the USA only or International as well?

          I ask this as posting heavy things like books can be expensive if your sending International.

          I like the idea a lot it all depends on cost and what I have to offer. Not a lot as I tend to have only what I need and seldom have items I no longer need.
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            I hadn't thought of that and you bring up a great point.

            I think the poster at the time can say:

            "I have these five items - for delivery anywhere"
            "I have these five items - for U.S. delivery only"

            Or is something is very heavy, you can just base it on what you can afford, saying "This book is only available to a US resident" Someone will eventually snag it up, regardless of where it can be shipped, I think.

            As far as having stuff you no longer need, it might be easy to give some of your stash of one item. For instance, I have more dried sage and more calendula than anyone in the world. I can make up a jar of either of those. Or drain off an oil I mix into a smaller container and offer that. So, instead of getting rid of a whole thing, divide your stash of it and offer some of it to a lucky poster.

            I think it will be fun to just post what we have extra of and be honest about where you can afford to ship it. It will all work out.

            Thanks, ya'll!
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              Also, if you're doing international, please note that some countries don't allow certain items to be imported. For example - US doesn't allow wool. (My posties informed me, and let me bullshit on the customs claim form - they're awesome.) I believe Australia doesn't allow organic matter to be imported either (I'm thinking dried herbs, though someone told me a card with dried flowers was confiscated once), though if any Aussies wouldn't mind confirming this?


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                Aw, someone doesn't like the idea at all! I am sad my idea was not so great every single person loved it! Lol. You can't please everyone all the time. I hope nobody minds that I went ahead and started it!

                I posted my list of 5 items in a separate thread for the PIF game to begin. They are smaller items, so you can choose two off the list. I can only ship in the US for now, but feel free to go check it out. Pick out a couple of things and let's get this started!

                Unless, of course, you are the person who didn't like the idea at all. In which case, I hope it doesn't upset you that we are moving forward with it.

                I got a lil' crazy with those smilies. I have never done that before.
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                  Originally posted by sisterhoodoo View Post
                  Unless, of course, you are the person who didn't like the idea at all. In which case, I hope it doesn't upset you that we are moving forward with it.
                  Hey, if someone doesn't like it, then they don't have to play, right?

                  I think it'll bring some more activity into this forum - great idea Sisterhoodoo.


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                    Thanks. I also added some photos of the herbs that I had offered on the PIF thread, but can't find the data cord for my camera so I can't add photos of the other items. Maybe tomorrow.

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                      Woo-hoo! Another supportive vote came our way!
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                        I like the idea very much...except having to list 5 things at a time, why not just three, or one?

                        I think lots of people would like to participate but may not have 5 nice items to share at any one time. (at least that is my situation)

                        But, because I like the idea so much, I'll scrounge and see what I can come up with.
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                          I changed the rules so you only have to post a few items at once. I had it with 5 items, because that always made it go fast on the other board I belonged to.

                          But, my list of items has been up for like two weeks and no pouncers, so I went ahead and changed it to 2 -3 items at a time. That way, there is a variety to appeal to someone and the person who pounces doesn't have to scrounge to hard to have something to post.

                          Hope that helps get it moving...
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                            There is the link to the current items that are up - I posted three and one i a VERY cool witch identification card case. Just FYI.:clapping:
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                              I am going to try and get this going again. Anybody else feeling an ongoing swap like this? I will be posting my list within the hour on the swap thread. Convo here if you want.

                              This is a great way to get rid of supplies you have tried and didn't like or have too many of...
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